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Rx Prescription Bottle Sticker Packs

Rx Prescription Bottle Sticker Packs:
$12.95 each at the Street Anatomy store!
Rx Prescription Bottle sticker packs available at the Street Anatomy store (2)
Rx Prescription Bottle sticker packs available at the Street Anatomy store (7)
Rx Prescription Bottle sticker packs available at the Street Anatomy store (2)
Rx Prescription Bottle sticker packs available at the Street Anatomy store (1)
Rx Prescription Bottle sticker packs available at the Street Anatomy store (2)

Photos by Vanessa Ruiz
Are you looking for more excitement in your life? Want to take more risks, but fear is holding you back?  Then talk to your doctor about a prescription for an Rx sticker pack.
  • 15–20 high quality hand cut stickers and 1 Rx pin per bottle
  • Stickers range in size from 1.5–3.5 inches
  • Vivid colors make these stickers stand out against almost any surface
  • Colors and sticker sizes vary from bottle to bottle
  • Created by street artists Rx, Kater, The Lost Cause, Twigs, Just1, Obit, Numbskull, Face, and more…
  • Only 50 prescriptions available
  • Refills encouraged!
  • $12.95 each at the Street Anatomy store


May cause adrenaline rush, incarceration, and/or fine if taken on city streets.  Use caution when taking around street signs, newspaper boxes, dumpsters, and abandoned buildings.
Manufactured by hand on the streets of Portland, Oregon by Rx.  Only available by prescription via Street Anatomy.
International shipping available.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Inside the Deep Web

Inside the Deep Web:

Chris 73 (CC)
Shawn Wasson at The News Junkie describes his journey into the other Internet:
The Internet has evolved quite a bit since I first logged on to CompuServe in 1994. I’d spent a few years tooling around on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) connections throughout the country at that point and the most visible portions of a forming World Wide Web were quite innocent in appearance. But as I ramped up my father’s 4600 baud modem and looked around at the fringes of online existence, I unknowingly caught a glimpse at the Web’s early underbelly. From there, pornography, craziness and illegal activities were easily accessible. There weren’t many people logging on so, naturally, there weren’t many people to police this new digital space. Eventually, as AOL, Prodigy and other ISPs became more mainstream, the more nefarious outlets vanished into the shadows. But where did it all go? I recently took a plunge into the ‘Deep Web,’ a sub-surface area of the Internet not indexed by search engines and only available to those on the forefront of technology, namely people connected to the Tor Network. This network of hidden websites is the new underbelly of the Web, the New Underground, if you will, chock full of all sorts of illicit activities. Child porn peddlers, drug dealers, hitmen and other criminal groups thrive on the Deep Web and anonymity reigns supreme. The following post outlines my findings and hopefully sheds some light on the true Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web.
So if the Internet as you know it is an iceberg, the smallest part of that iceberg, the visible portion, is where you have been surfing your entire life. You visit websites, click links, use search engines to research topics of interest and generally just make your way around the visible Web. But below that visible portion, there is a much larger compilation of destinations beyond the reach of most Internet users. This portion, the Deep Web, is much harder for the average person to access and even harder to navigate. Much of the criminal activity that happens on the Deep Web is cloaked in anonymity, shrouded in secrecy or somehow hidden from the prying eyes that would love to put an end to this virtual land of OZ. Essentially what I’m saying is this: You may be familiar with the Internet, maybe even the darker side of the Internet. You may know how to find pornography for free, download music illegally, use a torrent program to download pirated movies and other media or purchase prescription pills from some online pharmacy. But if you haven’t visited the Deep Web, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Sure, there are research papers and legitimate and interesting pieces of content to view on The Other Side but there’s also some pretty nefarious happenings there.
[Full Article at The News Junkie]

Lost Classics Of Right Wing Folk Music

Lost Classics Of Right Wing Folk Music:
CONELRAD keeps alive the memory of one of the strangest of pop music subgenres–conservatism-themed folk music acts of the 1960s who were promoted in an unsuccessful attempt to counter the Bob Dylans and Peter Paul & Marys of the scene. Perhaps most fascinating is Janet Greene, a former children’s television personality in Ohio who was discovered by the right wing organization Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, which had Greene record a series of propagandistic songs and put her in the spotlight as the “anti-Joan Baez”.  The most entertaining work in her catalogue is “Poor Left Winger”, a tale of woe concerning a naive girl seduced by a communist beatnik “bearded singer” mocked for his “espresso”, “demonstrations”, and dirty shirt:

Assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton…in Israel!!

Assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton…in Israel!!:
News site al-Alam has reported a possible shooting at a convoy of cars carrying Hillary Clinton 
whose husband did not have sexual relations with that woman
  by armed persons in a white Citroen whilst she travelled to Jerusalem in a recent visit to Israel.
From al-Alam:
“Israeli sources reported that the convoy of Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State was shot yesterday during their passage on the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv.
According to information published by the site, “Rutter,” Israel, the type of car “Citroen” white car approached a convoy carrying Clinton and apparently fired from a car Alstroyn.
According to the guards of the convoy, the car fled from the place Alstroyn speeding No one was injured passengers from the footnote to Hillary Clinton.
The Israeli police announced the alert in the place that launched him on fire (the night of red).
According to the site The process of shooting was on the road to Jerusalem, “Tel Aviv” has reached a large force of police of the place.
Police did not confirm the Israeli occupation that has already been shooting about a car, but Hillary Clinton confirmed as conducting a wide sweep on the road to “Tel Aviv” Jerusalem, especially at the crossroads of violence.”
Hilary_Clinton_in_IsraelThe unconfirmed shooting may or may not have been a direct attack on Clinton herself or a random act of cowardly terrorism upon the motorcade as opposed to the uncowardly act of using drones to blow civilians to bits in Pakistan the use of which is endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself.
The mainstream press have not as yet reported this supposed attempt on the wife to the former President of the United States.
As America and Israel prepare for war with Iran and possibly Syria (which will probably drag in Russia and China on the Iranian/Syrian side), the security surrounding public figures and the public is at its highest level yet as has been demonstrated by the complete professionalism surrounding the security at the Olympic games where illegal immigrants are allegedly working as private security guards for the games.



Juliet Foxtrot

Juliet Foxtrot:
Juliet Foxtrot Human Condition 1
Human Condition 1
Juliet Foxtrot Human Condition 2
Human Condition 2
Juliet Foxtrot Human Condition 3
Human Condition 3
Juliet Foxtrot Death Fleeting
Death is Fleeting
Juliet Foxtrot Atrophy II
Atrophy II
Juliet Foxtrot Frida
Is Frida Immortal
Sydney-based artist, James Freiberg (aka Juliet Foxtrot) studied life drawing at the Julian Ashton art school, The Rocks, Syndey.  He creates contemporary figure paintings that are quite expressive and I enjoy his almost abstract use of anatomy throughout many of his pieces.
View more of James’ work via the Australian contemporary artspace, 19 Karen.
credited to street anatomy 

Fay Helfer’s Hearts

Fay Helfer’s Hearts:
Fay Helfer Clover Heart

Clover Heart pyrography, natural pigment and pastel on wood
Fay Helfer Asparagus

Asparagus Heart pyrography, natural pigment and pastel on wood 10” x 22”
Fay Helfer Sea fan heart

Sea Fan Heart pyrography, natural pigment and pastel on wood 8” x 12”
Fay Helfer Pyrography

Pyrography technique
Fay Helfer Heartwoods and Onion Heart

Driftwood Heart 01 pyrography, natural pigment and pastel on wood 8” x 15”

Onion Heart pyrography, natural pigment and pastel 6” x 24”
Originally from St. Martin, Fay Helfer received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  She uses a technique in her work called pyrography, which means “writing with fire,” a method of decorating wood with a controlled application of a heated point.   Looking through all her work, Fay has mastered this technique in everything from the hearts above, to stunning portraits, skateboard art, and even a handmade Game of Thrones ‘risk’ game.
I love the way Fay transforms the vessels coming off the heart, seamlessly blending the anatomical and botanical.
View all of Fay’s hearts and other incredible work at  Seriously take a look.

credit to street anatomy 

[spotted by @sacrits]

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tom cruise and coincidences

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rodgers, Penelope Cruz Getty Images Sure, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have hired high-profile divorce lawyers as they gear up for a legal showdown over custody of their daughter, Suri. But maybe what they really need is...a psychic? Eerie coincidences have cropped up between TomKat's split and those of Cruise and his other exes, including ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers, as well as former ladylove Penélope Cruz. Freaky-deaky flukes or cosmic convergence? Let's suss them out... MORE: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce—Connor Cruise Sounds Off, Tweets That "Family Is Forever" PlayThe guys of TwentyForSeven meet up with a celebrity stylist to brainstorm a brand new look. See what they come up with! PlaySee the Detroit pop band come together to perform an original song as they open up for the world-famous Gym Class Heroes! PlayThe “American Idol” winner puts her luxurious home on the market. Find out how much it costs. Unlucky Number 33: Talk about a triple-header! Uncanny as it may be, Holmes, Kidman and Rogers were all 33 years old when divorce proceedings began. (Cruise filed for divorce for his first two marriages, while Holmes initiated proceedings during this go-round.) Is there a significance to that number? A few theories abound: One proposes that the first Church of Scientology was founded in Phoenix, Ariz., which is located smack-dab on the 33rd parallel. Another points out that, among several religions, the number 33 is often associated with spiritual enlightenment. Whatever the reason, when it comes to Cruise, big news definitely comes in threes. Legal Deadline Looming? Cruise and Holmes have been married for five-and-a-half years, while he and Kidman were together for nine years and 11 months. In both cases, divorce proceedings seemed curiously timed to significant legal deadlines. In Kidman's case, Cruise filed for divorce just shy of a 10-year threshold that would guarantee her spousal support for life. (Kidman's attorney would later claim that the couple had been married for 10 years, two months and two weeks; the couple eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.) Meanwhile, in the case of Holmes, E! News has learned that she and Cruise had a prenup that reportedly called for payouts to her in the event of a divorce, with specific amounts kicking in after five years of marriage, and another after 10. Welcome to Rebound Road! How's this for an eerie coincidence: The Manhattan building where Katie Holmes has secretly rented an apartment to hunker down post-split is reportedly the same building where Cruz decamped after calling it quits with Cruise in 2004. Location, location, location! In the case of Cruz, the couple supposedly broke up because their busy shooting schedules kept them apart, but they've reportedly remained good friends since. The Scientology Connection...or Lack Thereof: Although Cruise remains a devout Scientologist, his exes seem to have been anything but. Speculation has run rampant that the religion played a key role in his split with Holmes, and the church recently shot down reports that it dispatched a surveillance team to monitor her activities. Cruz, on the other hand, enrolled in Scientology courses that, her rep said at the time, she found "beneficial," but she never made the full conversion. In the case of Kidman—who was raised a Catholic—rumors swirled that the actress took a dig at Scientology when, years later, she and hubby Keith Urban would christen their daughter Sunday, supposedly alluding the name's Catholic significance. Divorce = Box-Office Poison? Here's a fascinating tidbit: Cruise notched a box-office bomb during each of the years he'd undergone a divorce. In 1990, during his split from Rogers, he unleashed Days of Thunder, a critical and commercial disappointment made all the more glaring by the fact that he was coming off of an Oscar-winning smash (Rain Man) and an award-winning performance (Born on the Fourth of July). In 2001, after calling it quits from Kidman, he debuted Vanilla Sky, which earned less than half of the grosses of his previous flick, Mission: Impossible II. And last month, he lobbed his biggest box-office bomb in years when his highly anticipated hair-metal opus Rock of Ages opened to a paltry $15.1 million—two weeks before hitting splitsville with Holmes. credit to eonline —Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum