Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monica B Martinez artist interview

name- Monica B Martinez
age- 24
education- 1 Semester Med. Bout to start my first semester for Art.
location- Amarillo Tx
what are you listening to? Right now I’m listening to a lot of Thievery Corporation and     instrumentals. Lil bit of poetry.

 what do you enjoy most about being an artist? The emotional freedom that comes from completing a piece of work. And being able to connect to someone even a total stranger through art is an amazing feeling. The world needs more communication and connection and I think art can achieve that.

 what do you think separates you from other artists? "A lot of other artist set out to be that. That’s why there alive. I never really planned on it. I happened to be good at it ha ha."
how would you describe your artwork? "Surreal horror graffiti with a touch of love and heart ache."

 do you remember the first piece of art you constructed? "My mom has this drawing I did for her when I was about 5. it’s a picture of me with and easter basket and a bunny. And when you turn the paper over I drew the back to everything haha."

 do you have any current projects you are working on now? "As of right now not really. I have a few commission lined up but nothing too big."

 where do you get your inspiration from? "Everything from Horror films to People and situations. I feed off of a lot of emotions when I paint. I have too be in a very emotional stated to really pump out good work. But I’m learning to control it and tap into it."

 are there any particular artists you follow? "Greg “Craola” Simkins is one of my favorite artist. Also, Alex Pardee. Alex was one of the reason’s I started playing around with Ink."

how long does it take you to complete a piece of art? "A lot of factors play into that. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Depending on mood and time restraint. Again I feed off of emotions."

what kind of people do you think tend to buy your artwork? "I think the people who tend to buy my pieces are looking for a connection and find it in the piece. They have a very honest unique look on life and can relate to piece. For the most part I see a lot of passionate people buying my work."

 what genres of art attract you the most? "I love graffiti. Tag art what ever you want to call it. I live across from the train tracks so I grew up seeing that stuff pass by the house. I’ve always loved it."

what is a typical day for you like from sunrise to sunset?
" Wake up, eat, work, paint, sleep. Every once in awhile l’ll play some video games but for the most part its working and painting."
 what kind of styles and methods do you demonstrate in your artwork?
"I’m still a beginning artist. I like to try a lil bit of everything. I’m still growing and learning everyday."
 how would you describe your perspective on life?
" Life will screw you over just as fast as it will give you a kiss on the forehead. But for the most part its good."

 and finally, if your house was on fire and you had five minutes to grab 3 things, what would they be?
"The picture of my brother who passed in ‘98, my ipod and my purse."